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The flexibility of 5-axis CNC machining allows the creation of complex components with complex shapes and geometrical details. The stability of the machining tool also gives more consistent and smoother surface finishes. Therefore, you should choose 5-axis machining whenever you need to produce complex parts with tight tolerances.

Our 5-axis milling machines can accommodate a length of 42 inches bar stock. This allows us to work on a wide range of projects for various applications.

The cost of your CNC machining projects is not fixed as it depends on the characteristics of your project such as the design, and tolerances. Machining times of the material to be used in the project also contribute to this pricing. For example, if you’re making a part that has a combined machining and material cost of $2 and a setup cost of $200, one part will cost $202. However, if you make 200 parts, each would cost $3!

The CNC turning process is mostly ideal for cylindrical-shaped raw materials. However, several manufacturers also use it for hexagonal and square-shaped workpieces. It is a popular method for making machine parts for microfluidic tools, signage components, surgical instruments, automotive frames, and aerospace parts.

We can turn parts with diameters ranging from 0.5mm to 65mm for stock bars. Our turning capabilities can reach up to 3000 mm for billets.

Yes, our CNC turning services include plastic parts manufacturing. We can produce small or large batch prototypes and production parts from various engineering-grade plastics. Choose from our extensive range of plastic materials and upload your design file to get custom plastic components.